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How National Health & Life Associates, Inc.

Assists Clients


While most financial service firms attempt to be everything to everyone, National Health & Life Associates, Inc. focuses exclusively on the needs of those who are 60 and over and their specific financial problems and opportunities.


National, Health & Life Associates, Inc. is a professional firm working exclusively with seniors to protect their financial assets and standard of living. Services provided include:
















Many seniors can better organize their financial affairs when they know about the many solutions available beyond what they are told by their stockbrokers, financial planners, and lawyers. National Health & Life Associates, Inc. educates seniors about their alternatives and then assists them to implement the proper solutions.  Our firm holds seminars for seniors groups throughout Ohio.  Seats are free, please call for time and location.


Lee L Christman is a Senior Associate of National Health & Life Associates, Inc.,.  He has been leading his company in advising seniors in appropriate ways of protecting their assets and estates from the devastating effects of long term care expenses for more than 25 years. Senior Associates of National Health & Life Associates, Inc. specialize in providing solutions for the opportunities and concerns of our his clients for their retirement goals.


Lee has lectured widely on financial topics for senior associations, clubs, retiree groups as well as company sponsored seminars.


Phone today with questions or to see if we can help you.  There is no charge for an initial meeting.             


Retirement Savings Preservation and Income Planning--we show you how to preserve your hard earned retirement nest egg from financial predators. We provide strategies to make your retirement income last throughout your full retirement years and pass on a legacy.


Long Term Care protection or qualification for Medicaid we act as brokers (not salespeople) to find you the best coverage within your budget for long term care protection


Annuities and Insurance--Get the highest returns to shelter assets and defray taxes.  As independent brokers, we can tell you which safe companies are paying the highest annuity rates.

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