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About Us

National Health & Life Associates

The Mission of National Health & Life Associates, Inc. is to find areas of risk and opportunity that may be hidden from our clients view, analyze their impact on their financial and estate goals and provide the information and methods the client needs to access the opportunity and eliminate or reduce problems.

Dave Pavlik 

Founded National Health & Life Associates, Inc. 36 years ago with the mission of providing education, advice and strategies to secure his clients financial security.  He has been leading his company in advising seniors in appropriate ways of protecting their assets and estates while accomplishing their retirement goals. Senior Associates of National Health & Life Associates, Inc. specialize in providing solutions for the opportunities and concerns of our his clients for their retirement goals.

Lee L. Christman

Has been Senior Associate of National Health & Life Associates, Inc. for  34 years. Lee has been providing professional recommendations to his clients with their financial goals as his number one concern. Years of focused financial education and his proven experience help to provide his clients with the best guidance and recommendations needed in this changing economic climate of the 21st century.


Lee considers his company’s motto “Independent for Your Best Interest” his personal commitment, helping his clients identify “Areas of Risk and Opportunity” that may be hidden from their view and “Providing Information” to eliminate or reduce the problems.


Outside of his professional career, Lee is a dedicated husband and father.  Lee also has a long treasured commitment serving people less fortunate than himself. Among his many volunteer commitments is 14 plus years of active involvement raising funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Every year, Lee has and continues to raise thousands of dollars, through cross-country bicycle rides, to fight this devastating disease.


You can feel confident Lee’s experience, dedication, and hard work will provide you with the personal solutions in reaching your retirement goals.

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